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Consultancy Projects:

2010-2012:      77m Motor Yacht - Owners Naval Architect to review all structure, stability, class and flag items
2011 :              85m Motor Yacht - Owners Naval Architect to review strength and stability and flag items
2010:               76m Motor Yacht - Consultant brought into shipyard to review and implement major design revisions
2004-2007:      59m Motor Yacht - Project Manager Naval Architecture - Extensive motor yacht refit
2005 & 2011:   46m Motor Yacht - Naval Architecture Loadline & Stability assesment to MCA LY2
Design Consultancy                                      Stability & Structural Analysis                      Qld Certificates of Compliance

PO BOX 2759 New Farm Qld 4005 Australia               p: +61 7 3103 2759     m: +61 402 242 500                       e: info@pacificmarinedesign.com.au
MSQ Design Compliance Projects:

2012:               28m Catamaran - Upgrade in service to 1B, Certificate of Compliance Design
2012:               17m Work Boat  - Upgrade in service to 2B, Certificate of Compliance Design
2012:               10m Workboat   - New Vessel, Certificate of Compliance Stability 
2012:               8m Workboat     - New vessel, Certificate of Compliance Design
2011:               24m Workboat    - Upgrade in Service to 1B, Certificate of Compliance Whole Ship & Stability
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